Roads to Justice (shared from Brake)

Campaigning for a legal system that delivers just and safe outcomes.
Deaths and serious injuries on our roads cause terrible suffering every day. Tragically, this suffering is often compounded by a flawed legal framework which lets serious offenders get away with pitiful penalties and allows dangerous drivers back on our roads.
#RoadsToJustice seeks to right these wrongs but we need your support. We are calling for the Government to review road traffic offences to ensure that the law delivers both just and safe outcomes.

Why now?

The Government promised a full review of traffic offences and penalties in 2014 and yet this promise remains unfulfilled. The Government has focused on making minor amendments to the existing law but, whilst well-intentioned, we believe they are trying to fix a fundamentally flawed legal framework.

In August, the Government launched a consultation into new cycling offences. We want to use this opportunity to show how many people want a fundamental overhaul of road traffic offences so that just and safe outcomes are delivered.

What are we calling for?

We are calling for the Government to:

  1. Simplify and improve the legal definitions of unsafe driving behaviour
  2. Increase the use of driving disqualifications and close the “exceptional hardship” loophole
  3. Increase the current six month maximum prison sentence for failing to stop

Find out more about these issues and why your support is so important here.

Take action

We want you to help us raise the volume of this campaign. We need the Government to hear, loud and clear, that our legal system needs an overhaul to deliver just and safe outcomes. Support our campaign with the below actions.



Find out more

  • Brake is working alongside Cycling UK and RoadPeace on this campaign. Watch Cycling UK’s video, explaining why ‘road crime is real crime’ here.

  • Read Brake's press release on the launch of the cycling offences consultation




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